Healing Retreats for Veterans and First responders

Our vision is to help those suffering with trauma by creating opportunities to embark on their healing journey.


ACF retreats

Our retreats are for veterans & first responders in need of healing, change, transformation or rejuvenation that often comes from a life of service.

This is your opportunity to embark on or continue your own journey of healing from trauma in a holistic and non-judgmental way. 

Our next retreat will be Sept 29-Oct 2

Retreat Partcipant Feedback

Here is what our participants have to say about ACF Retreats:

I highly recommend signing up for this retreat if you are going through tough times and are will to try something completely different with an open mind and heart.

It was amazing and I haven’t stopped talking about it. I really connected with the drumming and am searching for a group to become a part of here in PG.

Throughout  the weekend, the synergistic flow and vulnerability between facilitators had a rippling effect, resulting in a sacred space for the swift (yet naturally occuring) gravitation of intimate strangers.  The retreat weekend is the foundation for community connection,  which could be the bond to sustain the online forum.

 When receiving treatment from one or two types of health care providers,  we may be unaware of the various approaches to healing. ACF  has created a space, where serving and former  first responder and military members are afforded the opportunity to explore an array of healing modalities in a non judgmental, compassionate and inclusive "haven".