What to expect

We have assembled an amazing team of facilitators, healers and activities to partake in over the retreat... it's up to you to join in, do the work and take action to make the most of it. 

Nothing is mandatory, but we encourage you to participate in as much as possible while being mindful of your own limits. 

This is your life, your journey and these retreats are about you. 

Evidence-Based Modalities


The Allied Foundation healing retreat utilizes evidence-based, trauma-informed, holistic and therapeutic workshops including trauma-informed yoga (Nolan, 2016), yoga Nidra, or iRest (Stankovic, 2011), community-based drumming (Landis-Schack, et al, 2017; Chadwick, 2010), forest therapy (Twohig-Bennet, 2018), fishing, and kayaking, with a team of therapists, healers and musicians to create a one-of-a-kind experience of life-enhancing holistic healing for first responders and veterans dealing with operational stress injury (OSI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Certified instructors in each modality work with the ACF team to facilitate a weekend of evidence-based healing and recovery in a safe, affirming and inclusive environment. 

  • Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy and Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)
  • Strategies for Resolving the Impact of Trauma
  • iRest® Meditation Techniques to Overcome Trauma
  • Therapeutic Drumming
  • Guided Forest Meditation - Shiryin Yoku (Healing in Nature)

In their article “Understanding Resilience: New approaches for prevention and treatment of PTSD” Horn, et al (2016) assert “Along with mindfulness, yoga and meditation have become more widespread in treating PTSD and enhancing resilience. Yoga enables the integration of physical exercise, known to be protective against dysregulation of stress responses (Tsatsoulis and Fountoulakis, 2006). A recent RCT of a yoga intervention for 80 individuals with PTSD found that the program not only decreased PTSD symptoms but showed even greater improvements in measures of positive affect and resilience compared to those in the waitlist control condition (Jindani et al., 2015). Meditation, a common technique often combined with yoga, has also been adapted for the treatment of PTSD. A breathing-based meditation intervention combined with yoga with US military male veterans was associated with reductions in PTSD and anxiety symptoms (Seppälä et al., 2014).”

The primary purpose of the Allied Charitable Foundation is to provide; on-going peer support; health and wellness support to First Responders and military Veterans and their families; provide a road to recovery for people who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder through healing retreats; and provide continued support and connection post-retreat through the Allied online community.

The Allied Foundation vision is to promote and coordinate healing retreats, foster and promote research and create a centre of excellence located on the West Coast of British Columbia, working across Canada and internationally.


OUR retreats

Our Retreats are fueled by veterans, first responders and healers who share a vision to help as many people as possible dealing with PTSD.  

We promote a holistic and non-judgmental approach to allowing every person embark on their own journey of healing. 


Meals & Accommodation

From dinner Friday night - lunch Sunday 

Travel & Transportation

Assistance provided if needed (flights, pickups, ferry rides, etc.)

All workshops & activities



The Haven offers the perfect, natural setting for healing and transformation for our group.

Located on beautiful Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada, the vibrant centre offers both ocean-side serenity and living forest — a natural environment that will support your healing journey.

*Note: This is not a Haven run program we have privately booked the property and it is facilitated by our team

gabriola island


Dense forests of evergreen trees, towering sandstone bluffs, abundant wildlife, and an iconic West Coast shoreline are home to a robust community of artists, makers, creators and innovators.

The perfect backdrop for an amazing retreat experience.


Have a closer look at our venue here.

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 We consider it our responsibility and privilege to treat the lives we impact with honesty, transparency, and respect. 

When we say our mission is to help as many suffering from trauma as possible, we mean it. 

Our retreats are by donation for our invited guests.

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